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Xinje HMI TP Series Touch Screen TP760-T



Xinje HMI TP Series Touch Screen TP760-T Features:
1. 7 inch,256 color TFT,480*234 pixels,4MB FlashROM,4KB SRAM
2. With data display , data monitor, alarm, recipe and relevant functions
3. Support various popular PLC, double separated communication ports
4. It’s own screen edit software supports SCADA as well as configuration function.
Xinje HMI TP Series Touch Screen TP760-T Specification:
Electrical Features:
Input Voltage:DC22-DC26V
Current Consumption:<150mA
Allowable Momentary Power-cut:Less than 20ms
Voltage Endurance:AC1000V-10mA for 1 minute (between signal and time)
Insulated Resistance:DC500V-about 10MΩ(between signal and time)
Communication Port:RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
Download Port:RS-232
Operation Temperature:0-50℃
Storage Temperature:-20-60℃
Ambient Humidity:20-85%(non-condensing, try bulb)
Vibration Resistance:10-25HZ(X,Y,Z directions for 30 minutes 2G)
Interference Rejection:Noise voltage: 1000Vp-p, Pulse cycle:1us, Duration: 1minute
Atmosphere:Free of corrosive gas
Protect Configuration:IP65
Screen properties:
Type:256 color TFT
Screen Size:5.7 inch
Life time:Above 50000 hours,Environmental temperature 25℃,24 hours operating
Display area:480*234
brightness:Can not be adjusted
Languages:Chinese:Simplified/Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.
Font & Size:Optional font, Optional size
Touch Panel:Digital matrix
Cooling method:Natural air cooling
External Dimensions:200.0*148.0*44.4(mm)
Cutout Dimensions:182.4*134.4(mm)
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