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Xinje HMI TH Series Touch Screen TH865-UT



Xinje HMI TH Series Touch Screen TH865-UT Descriptions:
1. 8 inch touch screen, streamline design
2. 65536 true colors display, support BMP, JPEG format pictures
3. Rich 3D picture library can make the screen more vividly
4. Flexible component selection space, self-definedanimation track design
5. Simple switch setting for changing the modes, precise touch area adjust function
6. Self-defined data collection and save function
7. Support various data process modes, such as time trend map, XY trend map
8. 2 USB ports can realize data duplication and transferring
9. Two com ports can communication independently and realize multi-THs communicate with one PLC.
Xinje HMITH Series Touch Screen TH865-UT Specifications:
LCD size:8.0 Inch
PORT1 Download port:232/485
PORT2 PLC port:232/485/422
Xinje HMI TH Series Touch Screen TH765-NT Specifications:
Input Voltage:DC20-DC28V
Consumption current:260mA
Momentary power off allowance:Less than 10ms
Withstand voltage:AC1000V-10mA 1 minute ( signal and time )
Insulated impedance:DC500V- about 10MΩ ( signal and time )
COM1:Support RS-232/RS-485
COM2:Support RS-232/RS422/RS485
USB1:USB-A ( accord with USB2.0 )
USB2:USB-B ( accord with USB2.0 )
Operation temperature:0-50
Reserve temperature:-20-60
Environment temperature:20-85% ( no condensation )
Withstand oscillation:10-25Hz ( X, Y, Z each direction 30 minutes 2G )
Anti-jamming:Voltage noise: 1000Vp-p, pulse 1us, 1 minute
Surrounding air:No corrosive gas
Protection construction:IP65
Screen specification:
Type:65536 true colors
Screen size:7 inch
Use life:More than 50000 hours, 24 hours running when surrounding temperature is 25
Touch panel:4-wire resistance mode
Exterior dimension:224.4*170.8*45.5mm
Mounting dimension:211.4*157.8mm
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