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Xinje HMI TG Series Touch Screen TE765



Xinje HMI TG Series Touch Screen TE765 description

1. 16 million true colors, fine display quality
2. High speed response for download, start and run
3. Support C programming language, calculation, drawing, free format making
4. Support BMP, JPG picture displaying
5. Rich 3D gallery can make the screen more vividly
6. Support various data process modes, such as time trend map, XY trend map 
7. Self-defined animation track, many choices for component
8. Two direction transferring the data and store the recipe data, improve the efficiency

Xinje HMI TG Series Touch Screen TE765 features
1. ARM9 400MHz CPU, 128MB ROM, 128MB RAM
2. 7 inch LCD, 16 million colors TFT LCD, LED backlight, resolution 800*480
3. 2 COM ports, support RS232/RS485/RS422, 2 ports can communicate independently
4. RTC inside
5. 2 USB ports, support data transferring and backup
6. Ethernet communication (communicate with Modbus-TCP device and Siemens S7-1200)
7. Fit for serious situation, resistant to corrosive liquid and gas, running temperature -10~60

Xinje HMI TG Series Touch Screen TE765 Type notes:
TE765-MT: USB-B port
TE765-UT: USB-B port, USB-A port
TE765-ET: USB-B port, USB-A port, Ethernet port

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