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Siemens SIMATIC HMI Panels of Series 70



Siemens SIMATIC HMI Panels of Series 70 Descriptions:
The TP 1777A can be replaced by the mounting compatible KTP600 Bassic mono PN, which meets the requirements of most of the possible tasks covered by an TP177A at a lower price. As a successor of the 6 inch TP/OP 177B devices we recommend the migration to the more powerful 7 inch devices from the Comfort Panel family TP700 Comfort and KP700 Comfort, their functionality exceeds the one of the Series 170 Panels by far. The TP700 Comfort can use the installation cutout of a 6 inch TP 177 anyhow.The successor of a TP 177B 4" wide screen is the corresponding 4 inch device within the Comfort Panel family, the KTP400 Comfort.
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The SIMATIC Panels of the 70 Series have been the low-cost starter devices in the range of operator panels with graphical capability for several years. They are ideally suited to small-scale HMI tasks.
The pixel-graphics display can be used for the graphical display of the processes using, for example, bitmaps or bar charts. The font size can be varied to achieve excellent readability even at a distance.
As form factor, you can choose among the especially compact OP73 with a 3 inch display and the two versions of the OP 77 with their 4.5 inch display
SIMATIC OP 73/OP 77A and OP 77B are members of a complete and integrated SIMATIC HMI family of panels that can be configured with the engineering software SIMATIC WinCC flexible. Even the low-cost WinCC flexible Compact package can be used.
For all panels of  the series 70  succesor devices are available. These panels from the Basic or Comfort Panel families offer all the advantages  of  the recently developed devices.
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