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Pro-face HMI Touch Screen GP000 Series GP2300-LG41-24V



Pro-face HMI Touch Screen GP000 Series GP2300-LG41-24V Description:
Model: GP2300-LG41-24V
Type:Monochrome LCD
Display Colors:Black and White (2 Shades)/ Black and White (8 Shades)(software control)*1
Backlight:CCFL (Service life: more than 50,000 at 24 hr. operation)
Resolution:320 — 240 pixels
Effective Display Area (mm):115.2(W) — 86.4(H)
Brightness Control:4 levels of adjustment available via touch panel
Language Character Sets:
ASCII: (Code page 850) Alphanumeric (incl. European characters)
Chinese: (GB2312-80 codes) simplified Chinese fonts
Japanese: ANK 158, Kanji : 6962 (JIS Standards 1 & 2)
Korean: (KSC5601 - 1992 codes) Hangul fonts
Taiwanese: (Big 5 codes) traditional Chinese fonts
8 — 8 dots:40 char. — 30 rows
8 — 16 dots:40 char. — 15 rows
16 — 16 dots:20 char. — 15 rows
32 — 32 dots:10 char.— 7 rows
Application Memory:FLASH EPROM 1MB
Data Backup Memory:128KB - uses lithium battery*4
Touch Panel Resolution:32 x 24 keys/ screen - 1 or 2 point touch
External Interfaces:
Serial Interface:
Asynchronous Transmission : RS232C/RS422
Data Length: 7 or 8 bits
Stop Bit: 1 or 2 bits
Parity: None, Odd or Even
Data Transmission Speed: 2400 to 115.2kbps, 187.5Kbps*5
In order to set the monochrome (eight levels of gray) mode, GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows Ver. 6.2 or later is required. Depending on the color used, selecting MONOCHROME 8 HUES may cause the GP unit's screen to flicker and make it difficult to distinguish colors. Confirm that all colors display as expected prior to using this mode.
The display font will differ depending on which (language) character, or which size you select.
Only available when using "1/2 Byte Character" settings via software. (Only Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean characters.)
A Lithium battery's lifetime is:
10 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 40
4.1 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 50
1.5 years when the battery's ambient temperature is under 60
When used for backup:
Approximately 60 days, with a fully charged battery
Approximately 6 days, with a half-charged battery
SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200/300/400 series (MPI port only). Please contact your Pro-face sales representative for supported models and other details.
Printers with only Windows drivers cannot be used. However, certain types of printers with both Windows and DOS drivers can be used. For details, contact your local Pro-face distributor.
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