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Panasonic HMI Panel GT32T



Panasonic HMI Panel GT32T Descriptions:
6" Color/Monochrome HMI
6" clear and beautiful display with high-definition, long-life CFL backlight(GT32M) - available in 4,096-color TFT LCD(GT32T)
Does your display have Panasonic clarity? The GT-32 raises the bar for what slim and compact screens can offer. The GT-32 HMI is very bright, using a 4096 color QVGA TFT display (GT32T) and has an amazingly wide viewing angle. More than 120 degrees! This makes it very easy to operate your machine and increase productivity.
The GT-32 has one of the smallest frames in the market. While a lot of other 6" touch screens have big cases, we try to help you save panel space. The thin bezel and shallow case make the GT-32 one of the smallest touch screens in the industry.
Panasonic HMI Panel GT32T Key Features:
The industry's smallest size in the 5-inch class, and 39.1-mm thin and cool body design (GT32M/GT32T) Large display with space-saving outer dimensions of 163.2 x 128.8 x 39.1 mm
SD memory card slot as standard equipment (1 GB max) (GT32M/GT32T) Easy to copy screen data. Also serves as storage for output sound files.
USB interface as standard equipment (GT32M/GT32T) You can connect your PC and GT32 using your USB cable to transfer screen data. Also supports the 'pass through' function for Panasonic PLC communication.
Transformer-isolated power supply (GT32M/GT32T) The isolated power supply enhances the reliability.
GT32T equipped with 4096-color TFT display and GT32M equipped with high-brightness long-life backlight. The TFT color type and monochrome type are available in the same size. GT32T0/GT32T1 is ideal for use with upscale equipment models or color-coded operation instructions. GT32M is ideal for equipment that needs to be simple, such as in-house equipment.
Sound output function (GT32T1) Provides audio playback which allows for more reliable control by operators.
Ethernet connection (GT32T1) GT32T1 supports Ethernet connection, allowing for the 'pass through' function for our FP series PLC in a remote location. GT32T1 supports Ethernet connection, which allows for program transfer to FP series PLCs and monitoring function. GT Memory Editor (attached to GTWIN) allows you to make alarm record data files and line graph data files, and edit internal memory.
Simple connection and maintenance The "pass through" function improves the convenience in combination with our FP series PLC. GT data transfer and PLC debugging can be simultaneously executed by connecting your PC and GT with an Ethernet/USB cable.
Great diversity and variety of use The 6-inch screen provides a wide variety of display functions that improve the workability for operators.
The language switching function facilitates PLC programming and screen switching. Conventionally, screens were created for each language. With this new language switching function, data can be entered in all available languages for each part. The same screens can be created all at once, and ladder diagram creation is also easier. The character table for switching the language display can be edited in Excel and imported.
There are two types of communication [RS232C/RS422 (RS485)]. Connection with PLCs of a variety of manufacturers is possible. The RS422 type can be connected at a maximum distance of 500m.
Touch Screens can be customized by us according to your requirements.
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