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Panasonic HMI Panel GT21C



Panasonic HMI Panel GT21C Descriptions:
The GT-21C is a unique 256 STN color display with a sleek yet simple design. Both black and metallic silver models are available. Our new graphic 3D libraries will give you even more flexibility to design an impressive looking screen. By using a table format, multiple languages can be configured for each text that exists in your program. Then by simply changing the value of the master language register, all texts will be converted on the screen.
No replacement is necessary for the back light since white LEDs are used. Our GT21 series is even slimmer than our GT-30 displays!
Panasonic HMI Panel GT21C Key Features:
Cool and sophisticated body design. The cool design fits a variety of installation locations without spoiling the design of the target equipment. The projection from the target equipment surface is as low as 4 mm, allowing for a beautiful finish. The total depth is the industries lowest at 29.9 mm (excluding the projection).
Beautiful images, Top quality images in small-sized panels. The new 3D-design buttons provide higher visibility and operability.
Simple High operability achieved by the customizable screen layout. The analog-touch design allows you to freely adjust the screen layout in increments of one dot. You can also freely choose. TrueType font character sizes and arrangement.
Useful Maintenance-free white LED backlight. The use of the white LED backlight eliminated backlight replacement work.
Environmentally friendly lower power consumption design. Lower power consumption of 4.8 W or less: Approx. 50% of our conventional model (GT30).
Simple connection and maintenance The through function improves the convenience in combination with our FP series PLC. Simultaneous operation of GT data transfer and PLC debugging will be available by connecting your GT to a personal computer and our FP series PLC.
Great diversity and variety of use The 5-inch screen provides a wide variety of display functions that improve the workability for operators.
The language switching function facilitates PLC programming and screen switching. Conventionally, screens were created for each language. With this new language switching function, data can be entered in all available languages for each part. The same screens can be created all at once, and ladder diagram creation is also easier. The character table for switching the language display can be edited in Excel and imported.
There are two types of communication (RS232C/RS422).Connection with PLCs of a variety of manufacturers is possible. (Please refer to the compatible PLC list.)
The RS422 type can be connected at a maximum distance of 500m. This is a special model please call Panasonic for further details.
The high environmental resistance is IP65-rated.
An original screen can be displayed for a specified period of time after startup.
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