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Panasonic 42 Inch 1080p Full HD Professional Plasma Display



The Panasonic 42" 1080p Full HD Professional Plasma Display is a high-resolution multi-featured display designed for effective use in delivering professional presentations and in serving public areas. The resolution is a high definition 1920 x 1080 progressive, with progressive referring to the "p" in "1080p" and being the better of the two HD types. The display is 3D-capable and features two technologies that function together to reduce "double images" and to deliver sharp 3D images. An optional 3D IR transmitter and 3D eyewear are required for viewing 3D images. 
An outstanding feature for presentations is wireless connectivity to computers and tablets. You can connect up to 16 of either and switch between them or have them all live on the screen at the same time, each in a portion of the screen. You can connect Mac or Windows computers, iPads or Windows tablets, and iPhones and iTouches. A wireless module, model # ET-WM200, sold separately, is required for wireless connectivity. It connects into one of the display's two SLOT 2.0 slots. You can also wirelessly connect projectors. And you can also connect multiple displays to one computer, also wirelessly. 
As for the display being great for public areas, aside from its having many image adjustment, auto operation, and remote monitoring functions, it has a durable screen designed to resist cracking if accidentally hit. 
A comprehensive set of digital and analog inputs consists of HDMI, Composite, Component, DVI, VGA, M3, Wireless I/F, RS232C, RJ45, and a DC input for a 3D IR transmitter, (and two SLOT 2.0 function slots). These provide the connections necessary for just about every common application you may use the display for. If you'll be using the display for public areas or personal use, you'll be able to connect Blu-ray players by HDMI and TV tuner functionality by SLOT 2.0.
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