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Omron HMI NT Series Programmable Touch Screen NT631C-CFL02



Omron HMI NT Series Programmable Touch Screen NT631C-CFL02 features:
1, easy to operate, easy to learn rich graphical elements molded chassis using a molding process, the real IP65 protection
2, OMRON peripheral port, RS232 port, RS422 port configuration is complete
3, support for OMRON HOSTLINK, NT LINK communication protocols
4, bar graphs, tables and trend graph scale and other 13 kinds of user graphical objects
5, blue film LCD screen, clear display of text and graphics
6, support any language characters
7, white and black cabinet colors, able to adapt to different applications
8, the Chinese support software
As one of the latest computer input devices, Omron HMI NT Series Programmable Touch Screen NT631C-CFL02 is the most simple, convenient, a natural human-computer interaction. It gives the media a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive devices. Omron touch screens offered by us mainly used in public information inquiries, leadership office, industrial control, military command, video games, song a la carte, multimedia, real estate sale and so on.
Operator Interface Terminals
Give your operators real-time information to control plant floor action using Omron's operator interfaces. Our full line includes small function-key units with flexibility to display critical messages, monitor bit status or enter numeric values. Touch screen models for more demanding applications deliver a wide range of capabilities including trending, alarm history storage, recipes, background math calculations, and input object lockout. Pair up Omron's space-saving operator interfaces with PLCs from Omron, other manufacturers, PC-based control boards, and DeviceNet networks. Omron has the right HMI for your needs
As a professional supplier of Omron touch screens,Omron operator interface terminals, A&S Photoelectric Induction High-Technology Co., Ltd provides a complete line of Omron HMI,Omron touch screens.
As a global leading manufacturer in touch technology,we can provide various size of touch screens according to your requirements.Touch Screens can be customized.
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