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Hyundai Widescreen 3D Monitor W220S



Hyundai Widescreen 3D Monitor W220S Key Features:
1. Moire, Ghosting and Flicker Free
Hyundai IT’s latest polarized glasses bonding technology allows viewing natural 2D/3D image by eliminating the screen from moire, ghosting and flickering.
2. High Contrast Ratio And Fast Response Time
You can feel clear cut images without smudges in the screen even when enjoying a speedy action movie and a game because of the super-high speed in response time
3. HDMI/HDCP Support
The latest pieces of terminal, simultaneously connectable with a single cable, make easy and convenient connection with imaging devices and gaming machines for the high quality images and the sound.
4. TriDef 3D Experience is Freely Provided
- High quality 3D media player
- Real time 2D/3D conversion function for normal 2D image
- Breathtaking 3D Google Earth
- Exciting and Realistic 3D game driver
5. Wide Viewing Angle
Wide viewing angle LCD panel enables to clear viewing and natural images from any viewing angle.
6. Certified FOR Windows Vista Premium
ensures the reliability, stability, security, proper installation and optimized image in the operation system, WINVISTAâ„¢
7. Environmental Friendly
RoHS-Compliant and low power consumption(under 1watt in power saving mode) maximize the user’s
investment & utility and help them to be environment friendly.’
8. Soft Touch Sensor Button
Touch sensor OSD control buttons to replace the traditional button control mechanism.
9.Premium High Glossy And Intuitive Design
Designed to consider the possibility of rising the dignity of the user in order to match atmosphere of
high class in environment.
10.Streamline Curve
Streamlined round shape of the monitor edges designed to appear different and uniqueness from the
traditional shapes in the market
Tridef Technology makes a perfect 3D image for your 3D Monitor.
Convert side by side format to 3D image by 3D polarized filter.
Use polarizer glasses included in the super pack.
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