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Fuji POD UG221 Series Touch Screen



Fuji POD UG221 Series Touch Screen products include:UG221H-LC,UG221H-SC,UG221H-TC,UG221H-LE,UG221H-LR,UG221H-SR,etc. Fuji POD UG221 Series Touch Screen Description: Monitor separated type POD to UG30 series newly available
Commercially available monitors can be connected to the monitor separated type POD.
Big-sized monitor display:
Realizes big-sized monitor by connecting to a bigsized PDP(plasma dispiay panel) or LCD monitor.
Effective for Andon monitor at production lines, waiting list monitor at hospitals, and many more applications
PLC 2-way function:
Two PLCs from different manufacturers or series can be connected to the monitor separated type POD. The monitor separated type POD acts as the gateway among PLCs from different manufacturers.
Touch panel interface:
When connected with a touch panel function
monitor, functions equivalent to POD with big-sized monitor can be obtained.
Functions equivalent to UG30 series:
Functions equivalent to UG30 with monitor can be realized based on UG430H-VH . Since screen data
created for 800x600 dots POD can be used, big-sized monitor can de achieved easily
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