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Eizo RadiForce 60.1 Inch Color LCD Monitor LX600W



Eizo RadiForce 60.1 Inch Color LCD Monitor LX600W Descriptions:
60"WIDE 153cm (60.1") COLOR LCD MONITOR
The large 60-inch viewing area enables flexible display of different modality images on one screen without distracting frames between individual pictures. The monitor's redundant components and LED backlight make it ideal for long-term stable and reliable use in the operating room.
1.Everything in a Single Glance
Widescreen monitors with a 3840 x 2160 native resolution roughly equal in size to six 1.3 megapixel (1280 x 1024) monitors. Compared with multi-monitor scenarios, these large screen monitors have no regional color differences or obtrusive bezels, thus reducing eye fatigue and the potential for distraction.
2.Saving time by Optimizing Workflow
Flexible viewing of large volumes of information on a single monitor improves workflow efficiency and saves time. Individual image placement and window size preferences can be easily arranged and recalled using a Large Monitor Manager.
3.Quick Brightness Stabilization for Instant Viewing
EIZO's fully automated stability function makes use of an internal backlight sensor to quickly stabilize the brightness level at startup and to compensate for fluctuations caused by variations in ambient temperature and the passage of time.
4.Consistency with DICOM Part 14 Calibration
RadiForce monitors are calibrated to comply with DICOM Part 14 to offer rendering consistency over time.
5.Wide Viewing Angles for Multiple People Use
Thanks to the wide viewing angles, images can be viewed simultaneously by several people with the highest quality reproduction and minimal color shift.
6.Diagnostic Precision with Factory Adjustment
To ensure the most accurate and consistent shadings possible, EIZO carefully measures and sets every grayscale tone on the production line to offer monitors fully compliant with DICOM Part 14.
7.Work Safely with Minimal Picture Delay
With images displayed on the screen in real time, time critical aspects of image distribution are addressed to ensure e.g. safe catheter localization during insertion into an artery.
8.Longer Service Life with LED Backlight
Unlike conventional CCFL backlights, LED backlights deteriorate more slowly and thus the monitor offers a longer service life. This ensures stable and reliable performance that is needed for diagnostic monitors. Since the LED backlight is mercury free, it will reduce any potential impact on the environment when it is disposed of.
9.Arm Mountable VESA Compliance
VESA compliance to be attached to existing mounting accessories.
Monitors can be customized by us according to your requirements.
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