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Eizo FlexScan Monitor SX2462W



Eizo FlexScan Monitor SX2462W Descriptions:
The Eizo FlexScan SX2462W allows you to see your creativity come to life in more detail, with greater colour vibrancy than you ever thought possible, with performance that includes a wide colour gamut and 10-bit simultaneous display.
The Eizo FlexScan SX2462W allows you to connect to three PCs simultaneously via the dual DVI-I inputs which accept digital and analogue signals and includes DisplayPort which transmits both video and audio.
Eizo’s Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE) helps to compensate brightness and chroma fluctuations, three customisable preset modes allow you to assign your own values for brightness, contrast and colour temperature.
The Eizo FlexScan SX2462W employs a 12-bit Look Up Table with a colour palette of 68 billion colours, an ergonomic stand offers ultimate screen positioning and when working at less than the native resolution or aspect ratios other than 16:10, you can use the Scaling Function to enlarge your work proportionally.
The Eizo FlexScan SX2462W boasts numerous functions and features, including:
24” panel offering 1920 x 1200 native resolution
Dual DCI-I inputs allow you to connect to three PCs
Three preset modes for bespoke adjustment of brightness, contrast and colour temperature
The OSD menu allows detailed colour control
More effective software for calibration control
Energy and environmental efficiency index
Monitors can be customized by us according to your requirements.
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