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Eizo DuraVision Monitor FDX1502NT for Industry



Eizo DuraVision Monitor FDX1502NT for Industry Specifications:
15" (38 cm) LCD Monitor
Connect to a remote PC via Ethernet with a monitor and touch interface. This network monitor offers both long distance and wireless transmission.
1.Long Distance Transmission
Easily connect to a remote PC via a single LAN cable. Sound and images can be sent smoothly over the gigabit Ethernet, and keyboard, mouse and touch panel operations can be performed via the LAN cable. Signals are packetized to ensure stable display with no noise or image quality deterioration. The use of an easily-wired long, thin LAN cable offers more flexibility in how the PC and monitor are installed, and lightens the installation load.
2.Wireless Transmission
The monitor can be connected with a PC via a wireless LAN. It offers a flexible solution when there is no space to install a PC and it is physically impossible to wire a cable, or when the PC or monitor is frequently moved. The wireless LAN conforms to the IEEE802.11n standard, offering high-speed wireless transmissions at up to 300 Mbps (theoretical value) for stress-free video display and touch panel operation.
3.Install in Various Locations
The monitor can be installed in spaces where heat dissipation, dust or security issues would make it difficult to install a PC, and also in spaces that would be hard to wire,
4.Clear and Bright Display
5.24-Hours / Day, 2-Year
6.Multiple Monitor Use
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