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Delta HMI DOP-A series touch screen DOP-A75CSTD



Delta HMI DOP-A series touch screen DOP-A75CSTD Specifications:
Display type:TFT LCD
Display color:256 color
Resolution:640 x 480 pixels
Backlight:CCFT 20,000hrs(at 25 )
Display Size:7.5”(158.0 x118.0)
CPU Type:32-bit RISC 202.8MHz
Application Memory:7M Byte
System Memory:256K Byte
Download PORT:USB Ver1.1 & COM1,COM2
Serial PORT:COM1(RS232),COM2(RS485)
External Interface:SMC Card backup
Real time clock:Built in
Edit sofware:Screen editor
Key type:Touch type
System Key:1
Rated Voltage:DC +24V (-10%~+20%)
Consumption:10W max
Back up Memory:3V lithium battery CR2032 x 1
Operation Temp.:0~50℃
Storage Temp.-20~60℃
Ambient Humidity:IEC61131-2 compliant :When vibration is NOT continuous: 10Hz-57Hz 0.0075mm, 57Hz-150Hz
1G When vibration is continuous: 10Hz-57Hz 0.0035mm, 57Hz-150Hz 0.5G X, Y, Z directions for
10 times
Vibration Resistance:Meet IEC61131-2 Spec.
Cooling Method:Natural air circulation
W*H*D:243.1 x 178.1 x 39 mm/231.4 x 166.4 mm
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