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Mitsubishi HMI GT10 Series Touch Screens

Mitsubishi HMI GT10 Series Touch Screens include GT1020 and 1030 series and GT1050 and GT1055 Series.
Mitsubishi GT1020 and 1030 Series Touch Screens:
The new GT1020 and 1030 series has a bright 3.7-inch or 4.5-inch STN black-and-white liquid crystal display with touch screen and 3-color backlight for use in a variety of display applications. The GT1020/1030 can display a number of languages for a variety of countries and areas.These micro units are micro only in size. They are full of high function capabilities which deliver outstanding benefits.Thanks to the 3-color backlight screen of the GT1020/1030 both flashing screens and different screen colors can be selected based on the type of information being displayed. Depending on the terminal type it is possible to switch between red, orange and green or white, pink and red. For example, a PLC value could be used to switch the backlight status from green (condition OK) to red (warning). Recipe management, innovative alarming and messaging are included as standard. The unit has a built-in memory for up to 4000 16-bit data words which can be used to store or exchange data with a connected PLC. A multilevel security protection is implemented as well as graphical trending, data sampling and time scheduling functions. High speed response to touch operations is guaranteed due to the fast processing speed of the internal processor. 
Mitsubishi GT1050 and GT1055 Series Touch Screens:
The new 5.7 inch GT1050 and GT1055 completes the GT10 range. These models offer flexible HMI solutions to export-oriented machine builders that produce small to medium sized machines in high quantities. Typical fields of applications for the GT10 products are machines in the printing, textile, packaging and food industry as well as handling/cutting machines, air conditioning and ventilation applications and special purpose machines. In addition, the flexibility of the GT10 models can be extended to universal applications, where end-users are not always factory workers, like for example hospitals, public facilities, airports or museums. The new GT1050/1055 series has a bright 5.7-inch STN liquid crystal display for very good readability and applicability in a variety of display applications. Thanks to the high screen resolution a clear graphical presentation of machine data with high information density is guaranteed. The touch screen provides an intuitive and easy-to-use operation interface – even for untrained people. Recipe management, innovative alarming and messaging are included as standard. Alarm information can be displayed as scrolling alarm messages in the actual screen or on a separate screen as an alarm history with integrated detailed help for the operator.
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