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LG Commercial Monitors/Displays

LG Commercial Monitors/Displays we offered are applied to the following fields:
1.For transportation environments:
such as an airport, bus, or train station,LG display can add various levels of technology sophistication to your public space earning more consumer 
awareness and mindshare. Make immediate returns on your investment with display solutions from LG. Take control of your signage network and enhance 
the quality of the customer experience.
2.For Education:
From information, to the internet, to broadcast content, LG delivers commercial products that can create a visual experience. Our broad range of reliable 
large screen education LCDs, desktop LCD monitors, and classroom projectors are performance driven and designed to maximize content.
3.For Healthcare:
With the influx of new digital technologies available for the healthcare industry, facilities have to consider new methods of delivering more personalized and 
compassionate service. Public displays can connect and convey a sense of openness and ease in locations such as lobbies, hallways, and cafeterias with 
digital way-finding, information, menu boards, and dynamic advertising. LG excels in providing the latest in digital technology and developing digital solutions 
designed for the particular needs of healthcare facilities.
4.For Retail:
LG Commercial Monitors/Displays can be a Digital Sales Tool to increase your business profits.With a full range of commercial LCD and plasma displays, 
touch screen kiosk displays, mounts, and digital media players,LG can meet your demands.
5.For Public venues:
LG has the commercial televisions for stadium suites and field box seating with features and technologies such as Pro:Idiomâ„¢ digital rights management for encrypted HD broadcast signals. Our exclusive Pro:Centircâ„¢ platform can also bring an interactive component to your clientele. Each television set is enabled to be managed from a centralized location for broad reaching control. Let our team of vertical market managers and application engineers develop a premium entertainment solution for your public venue.
6.For QSR/Food Service:
7.For Government:
such as:
Military bases
Civilian offices
Aboard ships
Passport offices
Social Security offices
Post offices
From information, to the internet, to broadcast content, LG delivers high performance and reliable commercial displays solutions that start with our broad range large screen government LCDs, desktop LCD monitors, and presentation products. we have the expertise to develop the right digital solution bundle to help enhance and improve visual communications.
Monitors can be customized by us applying to these areas.

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