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Elo Carrolltouch Infrared Touch Screens

Elo Carrolltouch Infrared Touch Screens Benefits:
1.Withstands severe environments
2.Adjusts to changing light conditions, including direct sunlight
3.Stable, no-drift calibration performance
4.Vandal- and abrasion-resistant screens, ideal for rugged applications
5.Parallax-free performance for LCD displays
6.Sealable against contaminants
7.Choice of controller interface
8.Choice of filter type or overlay for system protection and optimal optics
Elo Carrolltouch Infrared Touch Screens Advantages:
Because there is no overlay covering the display, the transmissivity of infrared touch systems is 100%.
There are no limitations on the type of material the stylus is made from.
Since the opto-electronics determining the touch location are fixed in one place, infrared touch systems are not subject to sensor drift. They need only to be aligned with the corresponding display.
Non-invasive scanning infrared touch systems can be easily attached to a display without disassembly.
Scanning infrared touch systems can be sealed to NEMA 4 requirements, preventing water and dirt from penetrating the display electronics.
Since scanning infrared touch systems do not require an overlay (which can be broken), they are less vulnerable to vandalism. Also, they are extremely tolerant of shock and vibration.
Infrared touch systems are solid state technology and have no moving mechanical parts. As such, they have no physical sensor that can be abraded or worn out with heavy use over time.
Elo Carrolltouch Infrared Touch Screens Applications:
1.Indoor/outdoor kiosks
3.Ticketing machines
4.Medical instrumentation
5.Process control systems
6.Hospital operating rooms
7.Commercial transportation
8.Commercial food preparation and service
9.Large plasma displays
CarrollTouch infrared technology is the survivor of harsh applications. It's the only technology that does not rely on an overlay or substrate to register a touch, so it's impossible to physically "wear out" the touchscreen. CarrollTouch technology combines superior optical performance with excellent gasket-sealing capabilities, so it's an excellent choice for harsh industrial and outdoor kiosk applications. Touched with a finger, gloved hand, fingernail, or stylus, it delivers a fast, accurate response every time. CarrollTouch infrared technology is available for flat panel solutions.

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